Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Recent Exhibitions Seen (Aug 08)

Psycho Buildings at the Hayward
very impressive, probably the most inspiring exhibition I've seen at least for a few years.

Loving Mike Nelson (as always) - walking through his installation was eerie, like a band of rabid rabbits with chainsaws could rush round the corner at any moment.

Also was enchanted by Rachel Whiteread's installation 'Place'. As it relates to the kind of atmosphere I want to create with my work - almost magicial.

Victor & Rolf at the Barbican

Amazing craftsmanship. Weird. Very weird.

Skin & Bones at Somerset House

They don't appear to have an online archive so I can't put a link in! Again a fashion exhibition but still interesting to see.

British Orientalist Painting at Tate Britain

Now althought this was £10 to get in it was really impressive. Made me just want to go home and start drawing immediately! The quality of the work was marvelous and imagine that they were completing these studies and works in watercolour or oil in a time before photographs - just taking sketches from the street. Took me back to my trip to Morocco - I need to go there again! Also a very good projection showing the travel routes of the most prominent artists which was very informative so you can visualise where they went and really how far they travelled in a relatively short space of time - usually no more than one or two years. Highly recommended.

(Also want to go back to see the 100 years of drawing exhibition in the main galleries)

Over the summer also saw China Now at the V&A and had a browse round the National (& Portrait) Galleries.

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