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Images from the weekend

Caught my eye in the Telegraph supplements:

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Last of London Design Festival

Today I schlepped over to west London to see the pieces by Jamie Hayon for Lladro on display at Vessel on Kensington Park Road. Interesting that such surreal pieces have made it into production? I'm also a fan of the Re-Cyclos range by Bodo Sperlein. Also popped into SCP to see their display of Rimini Blu ceramic pieces.

Michel Gondry

Best music video ever. Also a fan of The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Art in Theory (Freud)

Also situations i.e. seeing a balloon floating in the sky whilst on a bus might be linked to the school playing field at Meadows – just because of the ‘feeling’ of light, air, space, breeze etc common to both experiences.

‘Dreams carry this method of reproduction down to details; and often when they show us two elements in the dream – content close together, this indicates that there is some specially intimate connection between what corresponds to them among the dream thoughts’.

Condensation, displacement and pictorial arrangement of the psychical material (dream-content) into a dream-composition – this composition can have false elements as we arrange it and on the basis of anticipatory ideas into something intelligible. This runs the risk of falsifying it and if the contents cannot be brought into line with anything familiar it is prey to the strangest misunderstandings.

So either you have a well constructed dream-composition – which could have false elements that you have presumed or anticipated – even though they may not have been part of the content – so does this happen when you wake up and your logical side takes over to interpret the material?? Yes – but it would be a mistake to write off the dream-fa├žade as sometimes it is influenced by day dreams and can help to reveal the actual nucleus of the dream – if not distorted by other material and arbitrary influences.

‘Preliminary interpretation, which is supported by interpolations and slight modifications[..]. Before we start upon the analysis of a dream we have to clear the ground of this attempt at an interpretation.’

Or other dreams resemble a disordered heap of disconnected fragments – which can be just as valid if not more than a polished dream-composition.

The Craft of Design by Corinne Julius

Excerpts from article in London Design Festival Guide (encouraging!):

'[Design objects are now very] often expressive of emotion, telling a story and showing the process behind their construction. These are all qualities associated traditionally with craft.'

'The change of approach owes much to ideas that have come out of the Netherlands [...] Younger designers now routinely question [...] function and enjoy playing around with stereotypes as well as historical traditions. They look at the potential emotional relationship to an object and often seek to provoke a response from the user.'

'Designers enjoy the kudos and financial rewards of limited editions [as opposed to mainstream production].'

'Craft is about the exploration, understanding and handling of materials and their use in transmitting and questioning ideas.'

Craft has become important to consumers as fewer people understand the production process and have lost emotional engagement with products. Therefore they turn to handmade objects and are interested in the flawed and imperfect that bears witness to the human touch. Designers have been striving to reintroduce elements such as ornamentation (Tord Boontje) and the anthropomorphisation of products (Alessi).

David Shillinglaw


More video

Cool - it worked! Another stroll round the grasses - who am I kidding - these are pretty boring video clips! Making my mind think about sound installations though....................

Kew - video test

London Design Festival (part 2)

Another great day so I headed over to Shoreditch to see Tent. Another £10 on the business account (oops!).

Interesting mix of new designers, some crafts and a huge section for vintage items 'Circa' - geared more towards buyers. Nice decals - Ivy, and paper/perspex pieces by Family Tree.

Interesting piece by Samuel Rhoads Clarke -

Pretty / skilled engraved lights by Heather Gillespie, lovely products by Pulpo, Lee Jang Sub, Zoe Murphy and Sunday&Rex - kind of outlet I need!

and now for something completely different -

Ceramics in the City

10 minute walk down the road and you've left Brick Laneness and into the nice sedate atmosphere of the Geffrye Museum - can't believe they are so close to each other but soooo different. Now we are in the land of the potters! Just as valid but I don't really feel quite right here. Anyway - lovely crystalline glazes by Imahiko Kawamura - very magical, interesting wire and paperclay work by Lesley Risby and magical little narrative pieces by Jenny Southam.

Phew - right I've really got to stop doing so many blog posts - so much for getting to uni by 10am!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

London Design Festival (today's marathon)

Being as it has been a beautiful sunny day today in London - which as we all know doesn't happen often! I took the opportunity to walk a stupidly long way round Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Oxford Circus, Marylebone etc checking out the London Design Festival.

I picked up the booklet on Thursday night from outside Caravan in Shoreditch - how can I only have just discovered it! On my way to the PV for Maiko's work for Tomoko Azumi as part of From Now to Eternity - show about plastic and sustainability.

Favourite thing:
Millenium Chandelier by Stuart Haygarth

So today I've been to:


Some interesting ideas in the 100% Norway part on the ground floor and I bought a lovely LE poster for £10. Soap jewellery and a phone called Damn It! which you can stab when your frustrated - great ideas in the Korean section.

Calm atmosphere in the basement - beautiful piece by Seung Kwan No

and Antler chandeliers. On the first floor - clever bowls by Ayda Anlagan and laser cut fabrics by Asma Hussain. Also cool new agency sourcing contemporary Australian jewellery - Fossik.

Tenderpixel Gallery

Next Sungyeon Park - Breathing Apple Installation. I wanted to see this one as it bears more than a striking resemblance to Listening Room (1952) by Rene Magritte.

Then I wandered up towards Marylebone - blue sky + interesting buildings =

and into Mint - one of my favourite shops :)

Favourite work: Trees by Lizzie Thomas

Lastly (with aching feet) thought I should check out my Students Union at:

to see Spin: The Art of Record Design

which was well worth the walk. Interesting crown made of hundreds of tiny figures joined together - can't really find any more information about it apart from that it was from the album cover of Commoners Crown by Steeleye Span.

Deja Vu?

In reference to an earlier post on Keith Tyson I was researching I just watched Deja Vu again (haha) and interesting link to the following excerpt from Art Review

"The VLA is what's known, in the astrological trade, as an interferometer. Look that up in a dictionary and you'll find (assuming you've got one of the larger types of dictionary) that it's a radio telescope consisting of more than two antennae that relies on the phenomenon of interference to increase the effective resolution of the final picture. By combining all the static and rough edges of 27 individual images, and letting them overlap into something sharper (layering individual radio waves until they flatten out), the VLA presents a much clearer global picture.
Tyson's sculpture works in much the same way."

Rappolt, M. Keith Tyson: Life, the Universe and Everything. Art Review (London, England) no. 8 (February 2007) p. 58-61

Think they read the same information?

Monday, 15 September 2008

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Amateurism, Art and Absorption

edited extract from a talk at the London Literature Festival. Richard Sennett, Grayson Perry, tenor Ian Bostridge and writer Marine Warner discuss craft's role in contemporary society.

I highlighted some sections:

RS - learning to do something well, for its own sake
interesting wrong moment
GP - I am at the tip of my knife, I am not 'holding' the knife
Novelty is very easy to spot. Whereas something really skilfully made or really sensitively carried out - it takes experience to appreciate those things, a lot of experience, and people lack confidence to appreciate things. When I go 'wow' at an exhibition it's usually because it's been brilliantly done. I'm not just talking about traditional craftsmanship. I'm talking about the idea - they've had a good idea, and its been carried out. Great in crafts - subtlety, moderation, reflection, compromise, commitment. 'Good idea but not good art' The construction is a stage-set to keep the idea somehow illustrated, it has no afterlife of beauty or the beautifully made, its just there to support the idea.'Creativity is mistakes'
IB - past 100 yrs is that the price of manufactured objects has gone down, while the price of labour has gone up. artist make to satisfy their own sense of what is right and proper in what they're doing.

Monday, 8 September 2008

BP Drawing Exhibition

at Tate Britain.

Wandered round this with Leigh talking about my MA dream stuff (well she is a Psychiatrist!). I was most impressed by Keith Tyson's piece 'Studio Wall Drawings' - which relate I assume to the piece 'Large Field Array'. My first encounter with the mad scientist! Fascinated.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Dream Life

Good article about the relationship between dreams and film.