Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Amateurism, Art and Absorption

edited extract from a talk at the London Literature Festival. Richard Sennett, Grayson Perry, tenor Ian Bostridge and writer Marine Warner discuss craft's role in contemporary society.

I highlighted some sections:

RS - learning to do something well, for its own sake
interesting wrong moment
GP - I am at the tip of my knife, I am not 'holding' the knife
Novelty is very easy to spot. Whereas something really skilfully made or really sensitively carried out - it takes experience to appreciate those things, a lot of experience, and people lack confidence to appreciate things. When I go 'wow' at an exhibition it's usually because it's been brilliantly done. I'm not just talking about traditional craftsmanship. I'm talking about the idea - they've had a good idea, and its been carried out. Great in crafts - subtlety, moderation, reflection, compromise, commitment. 'Good idea but not good art' The construction is a stage-set to keep the idea somehow illustrated, it has no afterlife of beauty or the beautifully made, its just there to support the idea.'Creativity is mistakes'
IB - past 100 yrs is that the price of manufactured objects has gone down, while the price of labour has gone up. artist make to satisfy their own sense of what is right and proper in what they're doing.

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