Monday, 22 September 2008

Art in Theory (Freud)

Also situations i.e. seeing a balloon floating in the sky whilst on a bus might be linked to the school playing field at Meadows – just because of the ‘feeling’ of light, air, space, breeze etc common to both experiences.

‘Dreams carry this method of reproduction down to details; and often when they show us two elements in the dream – content close together, this indicates that there is some specially intimate connection between what corresponds to them among the dream thoughts’.

Condensation, displacement and pictorial arrangement of the psychical material (dream-content) into a dream-composition – this composition can have false elements as we arrange it and on the basis of anticipatory ideas into something intelligible. This runs the risk of falsifying it and if the contents cannot be brought into line with anything familiar it is prey to the strangest misunderstandings.

So either you have a well constructed dream-composition – which could have false elements that you have presumed or anticipated – even though they may not have been part of the content – so does this happen when you wake up and your logical side takes over to interpret the material?? Yes – but it would be a mistake to write off the dream-façade as sometimes it is influenced by day dreams and can help to reveal the actual nucleus of the dream – if not distorted by other material and arbitrary influences.

‘Preliminary interpretation, which is supported by interpolations and slight modifications[..]. Before we start upon the analysis of a dream we have to clear the ground of this attempt at an interpretation.’

Or other dreams resemble a disordered heap of disconnected fragments – which can be just as valid if not more than a polished dream-composition.

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