Monday, 22 September 2008

The Craft of Design by Corinne Julius

Excerpts from article in London Design Festival Guide (encouraging!):

'[Design objects are now very] often expressive of emotion, telling a story and showing the process behind their construction. These are all qualities associated traditionally with craft.'

'The change of approach owes much to ideas that have come out of the Netherlands [...] Younger designers now routinely question [...] function and enjoy playing around with stereotypes as well as historical traditions. They look at the potential emotional relationship to an object and often seek to provoke a response from the user.'

'Designers enjoy the kudos and financial rewards of limited editions [as opposed to mainstream production].'

'Craft is about the exploration, understanding and handling of materials and their use in transmitting and questioning ideas.'

Craft has become important to consumers as fewer people understand the production process and have lost emotional engagement with products. Therefore they turn to handmade objects and are interested in the flawed and imperfect that bears witness to the human touch. Designers have been striving to reintroduce elements such as ornamentation (Tord Boontje) and the anthropomorphisation of products (Alessi).

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