Saturday, 20 September 2008

Deja Vu?

In reference to an earlier post on Keith Tyson I was researching I just watched Deja Vu again (haha) and interesting link to the following excerpt from Art Review

"The VLA is what's known, in the astrological trade, as an interferometer. Look that up in a dictionary and you'll find (assuming you've got one of the larger types of dictionary) that it's a radio telescope consisting of more than two antennae that relies on the phenomenon of interference to increase the effective resolution of the final picture. By combining all the static and rough edges of 27 individual images, and letting them overlap into something sharper (layering individual radio waves until they flatten out), the VLA presents a much clearer global picture.
Tyson's sculpture works in much the same way."

Rappolt, M. Keith Tyson: Life, the Universe and Everything. Art Review (London, England) no. 8 (February 2007) p. 58-61

Think they read the same information?

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