Monday, 22 September 2008

London Design Festival (part 2)

Another great day so I headed over to Shoreditch to see Tent. Another £10 on the business account (oops!).

Interesting mix of new designers, some crafts and a huge section for vintage items 'Circa' - geared more towards buyers. Nice decals - Ivy, and paper/perspex pieces by Family Tree.

Interesting piece by Samuel Rhoads Clarke -

Pretty / skilled engraved lights by Heather Gillespie, lovely products by Pulpo, Lee Jang Sub, Zoe Murphy and Sunday&Rex - kind of outlet I need!

and now for something completely different -

Ceramics in the City

10 minute walk down the road and you've left Brick Laneness and into the nice sedate atmosphere of the Geffrye Museum - can't believe they are so close to each other but soooo different. Now we are in the land of the potters! Just as valid but I don't really feel quite right here. Anyway - lovely crystalline glazes by Imahiko Kawamura - very magical, interesting wire and paperclay work by Lesley Risby and magical little narrative pieces by Jenny Southam.

Phew - right I've really got to stop doing so many blog posts - so much for getting to uni by 10am!

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