Saturday, 20 September 2008

London Design Festival (today's marathon)

Being as it has been a beautiful sunny day today in London - which as we all know doesn't happen often! I took the opportunity to walk a stupidly long way round Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Oxford Circus, Marylebone etc checking out the London Design Festival.

I picked up the booklet on Thursday night from outside Caravan in Shoreditch - how can I only have just discovered it! On my way to the PV for Maiko's work for Tomoko Azumi as part of From Now to Eternity - show about plastic and sustainability.

Favourite thing:
Millenium Chandelier by Stuart Haygarth

So today I've been to:


Some interesting ideas in the 100% Norway part on the ground floor and I bought a lovely LE poster for £10. Soap jewellery and a phone called Damn It! which you can stab when your frustrated - great ideas in the Korean section.

Calm atmosphere in the basement - beautiful piece by Seung Kwan No

and Antler chandeliers. On the first floor - clever bowls by Ayda Anlagan and laser cut fabrics by Asma Hussain. Also cool new agency sourcing contemporary Australian jewellery - Fossik.

Tenderpixel Gallery

Next Sungyeon Park - Breathing Apple Installation. I wanted to see this one as it bears more than a striking resemblance to Listening Room (1952) by Rene Magritte.

Then I wandered up towards Marylebone - blue sky + interesting buildings =

and into Mint - one of my favourite shops :)

Favourite work: Trees by Lizzie Thomas

Lastly (with aching feet) thought I should check out my Students Union at:

to see Spin: The Art of Record Design

which was well worth the walk. Interesting crown made of hundreds of tiny figures joined together - can't really find any more information about it apart from that it was from the album cover of Commoners Crown by Steeleye Span.

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F. Samuel Marchbanks said...

Oooh, the Commoner's Crown! It was specially commissioned for the album, and produced by the advertising and design firm Shirt Sleeve Studio. The firm won an award for it.

The concept, of course, is a total riff off the frontispiece of Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan.