Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Cildo Meireles - TrAin lecture

Duality of aesthetic / scientific qualities. Political and social realities of everyday life. Uses elements - water, fire, earth. At Documenta 11 presented 'Disappearing Element/Disappeared Element', Ice lollies made of plain water that displayed a message on the stick when melted. Profits returned to the suppliers factory workers - subversion of capitalism. Circulation theme. Also a metaphor about the increasing lack of drinking water in the world and the fact that the carts were outside in public spaces, moving between the art institutions, accessible to the public - multi-faceted ideas.

Art 60s - transformation into action. Silent insertions into social systems ('Insertions into Ideaological circuits' 1970s - Banknote, Coca Cola project. Public participation - denying physical objects, construction of a political statement.

In Latin Americian art since the 60s - dynamics of the ghetto. Ethical commitment due to the reformation of the political sphere. Civil power versus public power - complex situation in flux.

Cildo's comments

Find and isolate a question, then fix it. Reversal strategy within the work, find out how something works then go back and change it.

Conceptual art was attractive to him as it was democratic, can use any cheap materials, anyone can take part. Always had a problem with the amount of words attached with it. You have to feel the work directly, art should always have this aspect. Brazilian saying 'The work should kidnap the visitor', if only for a moment. Never give up the seduction of the viewer - don't let this get lost. He considers himself a bad interpreter of his own work, more interested in the work and the power of itself.

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