Friday, 17 October 2008

Critical Framework lectures (4)

Paul Tebbs

Practice based research.

1. Clarification
2. Context
3. Examples of Practice

Research into practice - art history
Research for practice - technologies for making, practice led/driven, e.g glaze testing
Research through practice - making itself, artists (me)

An example methodology - research initiated in practice and carried out through practice.

Action Research

thinking/doing = integrated

Multiple realities exist as personal, social and complex constructs thus art is knowledge.
Many worlds - seen from different points of view relativist ontology.
Method - CYCLE - action/critical reflection.

Such research attempts to acknowledge complexity and the lived experience of practicing (mistakes, serendipity).

Privileges (as an artist) - subjectivity, issue based, complex methodologies.

How can art be knowledge?
The way something is visual - is its own channel of meaning which cannot be seen in any other way. Experiencial thing - progressional knowledge.

Paradigm (concept) - schematic model, flow chart, structure.

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