Thursday, 23 October 2008

Critical Framework lectures (5)

Professor Chris Townsend

Lecture about the work 'Dead Troops Talk (A vision after an ambush.....)'. by Jeff Wall.

Theorisation of a photograph, fundamental problem of meaning in the photograph. Punctum e.g. Paul Graham 80s-90s, Nan Goldin.

Time - interesting concept, recording that which has been, can have a photo of a person who is now dead, they were and now will be. Time is like a fourth dimension in the work - I need to think about the audience and duration possibilities - how someone would have a viewing experience of the work.

Universal characteristics of photographs, multiple times - the point at when the image is captured and then the future moments of the image presentation. Roland Barthes (Camera Lucida).

History paintings were sometimes painted over twenty years after the event. The artist was almost never on the battlefield - point is its not meant to be an accurate descriptive piece as in now there have been no images of Allied troops dead/injured allowed in UK/US publications - censored, same in history painting, no realistic depictions of injury dead that are that graphic.

Truth/lies - duality within the world.

Brighton Biennal - war photographs.

Post lecture discussion


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