Thursday, 6 March 2008

Miniature Worlds show

Andrea Gregson

Laura Youngson Coll

Was on at the Jerwood Space in 2006.

Website details the participating artists - wish I could have seen it!

Concept of Show

The Miniature Worlds Show will comprise of a group of seven artists, exploring and working with, ideas about the miniature. The media employed will include painting, drawing, sculpture, animation and installation. Working with, or creating, miniature environments each artist creates new imaginary spaces. The artifice of these spaces is both believable and unthinkable. Places from everyday life are merged, creating new hybrid worlds, imaginary tableaux taken from memory and fantasy. These environments become a deliberation on distant places; that can not be entered, only observed.

The curators of the show, Andrea Gregson and Laura Youngson Coll selected artists whose work explores and develops a making process that is highly original, and relates to a range of other practices such as model-making, technical drawing, carving, horticulture, taxidermy and museology. The attention to detail and scale will invite a sense of wonder in the viewer: reminiscent of a cabinet of curiosities, the show presents another version of the world in which we live. The physical process of making in, and from the miniature, belies the non-sensual world in which we must inhabit these creations.

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