Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pierre Bismuth in Conversation

Went last week to this talk at the BFI. Wanted to go as the idea/concept behind Eternal Sunshine was by Pierre, friends with Michel Gondry. Fascinating - and he was sat about a metre from me! It was like we were having coffee.

Notes - doesn't all make sense!

Alternative way of looking at reality.
He always starts from factual / pragmatic point of view - a mistake or mishap or theres a problem so tries to fix it - start of an idea.

Music/film unfolds in front of you - interested in duration so he work always has a duration then its finished and you can leave.

Prefers sound to video - creation of value, meaning by interfering with a constructed object - that is already full of meaning - that is dynamic, uses commercial films partly to get the interest of the spectator/public (initially).

Postscript - is about, just perceiving something - is a creative act as you can only take in certain things, can't absorb everything all the time. Anyone can create a creative act/moment.

In Neurology they use tricks to activate the brain by playing films, of course it works as light and noise are very effective.

Erasure and perception are themes in his work. It is more important to him the WAY you perceive things - the content is less important. Life is creating meaning for you all the time.

He likes to change or swap your perception with the minimum effort / complications - likes simple ideas (like Maiko).

He believes that sound gives 80% of the cinematic effect in films, without it love scenes aren't romantic etc. - we just don't notice anymore. e.g man lip syncing with films - bad image but the brain still recognises the film - the atmosphere. Sound is emotion.

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