Thursday, 30 October 2008

Study Visits

On Wednesday joined the Book Arts tutor and people from Drawing, Book Arts, Digital Arts and Printmaking on a group visit to the Poetry Library, Somerset House (just a look in), new Atrium Gallery at LSE, The Hunterian and the John Soane Museum. Although nothing directly related to my project - great to discuss my project with people from other pathways.

On Thursday, went to Cambridge with Amanda Fielding and the other Designer Makers. First we went into Primavera which I had heard of but not visited. Huge collection of applied arts for sale over three floors. Must remember to keep an eye on when Chris Keenan has an open studio - in Vanguard Court.

Next to Kettles Yard, saw the current exhibition Conversations which was very good, not great curating but amazing to see Hiroshi Sugimoto's work, this piece by Ceal Floyer was simple, subtle and hinted to an imaginary world beyond the door which I loved!:

more about her from Lisson Gallery. Roger Ackling's work and James Hugonin's painting were meticlous and extremely dedicated. Interesting work by Alexander Gorlizki - combining such a traditional technique into contemporary Indian miniature paintings. Absolutely captivated by this photograph by Francesca Woodman:

Next to the Folk Museum, where I encounted some Victorian bell jars which got me thinking about glass globes with landscapes inside.... and then we looked round Kettle's Yard which was incredible, I just want to live there! Nice to see Paul Coldwell's interventions and I got a great exhibition catalogue Flights of Reality for £1. Lastly I liked the rollercoaster forms created on top of the decanters by Paul and also a piece of sculpture where string was stretched round a frame - like those string pictures from the 70s, but in 3d with an object in the middle, half visible through the string - like seeing through into a different world............

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