Friday, 17 October 2008

Tim Parsons lecture

Writing - Contemporary Approaches to Product Design

  • Perception - preconceived ideas about design (history), value, semantics (study of the language of signs/symbols, study of the meaning of products), politics (captialism - private uk, socialism - allows some private but community can retaliate, communism - no individual rights, greater good, all state owned).
  • Motivation - main part, what drives us apart from money. Good design is research, what can I bring which is new. What are the best designs of today?
  • Process - mind, ideas, project mapping, drawing - the process of drawing/models from mind to hand offers a chance to see the differences between in your head and what you produce - this will throw up new ideas through the process - asks new questions - the making offers back new options for you to explore - DIALOGUE between ideas and practical making.
  • Context - the aesthetics of an object are not driven by the political ideas of the designer e.g the ipod - design relates to bauhaus, geometry, good clean lines/form socialism roots, but become a symbol of captialist culture - expensive.

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