Sunday, 19 October 2008

Weekend Exhibitions

Went to Origin on Thursday night - rubbish! All the usual suspects, same old. Only found one stand which I liked Moon Young Shin.

Saturday went to Parasol Unit to see the exhibition by Charles Avery - can't remember how I heard about this but liked it so much that I'm going back on Thursday for the exhibition tour with Nicholas Bourriard. Amazing work about an imaginary island - loved it. Nice description by The Guardian.

Then on to Tate Modern to see Cildo Meireles as recommended by Luisa. Wow - amazing interactive installations!!

1983-9, stepping through the installation your feet crack the glass underfoot, avoiding obstacles.

Mission/Missions (How to Build Cathedrals) 1987 ceiling is 2,000 bones, floor 600,000 coins joined by a column of communion wafers.

Pushing though the measuring tapes in Fontes 1992/2008

Babel 2001 - vast tower of radios all playing a different station.

Southern Cross 1969-70 Tiny wooden cube, hints at this cube's ability to engulf the gallery in flames (among other things!)

Last but not least I went to the Rothko - well so did hundreds of other people. Bad hanging, only got absorbed by the black ones.

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