Thursday, 20 November 2008

Cold War Modern

Study visit with Maiko and Amanda Fielding at V&A

Sporadic - first bit, artists responses to war and then suddenly design objects - link hard for me to form? Seems money and technology developed for the war and design a byproduct of this relationship not as the intro states - "Art and design were not peripheral symptoms of politics during the Cold War: they played a central role in representing and sometimes challenging the dominant political and social ideas of the age." not so sure about this! Felt that architecture has a closer relationship with society i.e. living patterns but harder for me to relate chair and product designs directly to politics?

Learnt more about general history (I have shockingly little knowledge!) but Terrible Beauty book is helping - could relate stuff in the exhibition to this. Learnt that part of the reason for progress was USA/USSR trying to show off and out do each other. Easier for me to see why design etc now is how it is, so many designs for subterranean living spaces - nuclear bombs etc.

So much in the exhibition - vastly ambitious and would have been much better to have the timeline as on the website in the exhibition as it was very hard for me to identify the parallel developments across design, politics, world events etc. Liked the space section best as it relates to my interest in the universe at the moment.
Jiri Kolar - Mysterious Sea Tajemy More, 1965 (Collage of ripped up maps)
Francisco Infante-Arana
Hardly any information available online about these artists.

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