Friday, 21 November 2008

Voice notes

Consider why am I making this staircase? Its not finished - something major missing from that.

Idea of me on the staircase? two actions in the dream: SOUND VERY IMPORTANT FOR NARRATIVE
Event jumping down from the top, holding onto the bannister swinging over the gaps. carefree. Photos of me doing this? model them? then seeing a broadcast going on, embarrassment, disturbing something - quickly try to run back up, can't get across gaps.
If its going to be me? what am I wearing? tights or clothes like I wear now? commentary on me living in Camberwell now? no this isn't right! shadow of me on the stairs?
Scale - detail, or person from architectural model but really has to be me.

Video projection underneath - what like? through a hatch, screen, curved? 2d good as couldn't get into the studio - looking down but not being able to penetrate through the 2d surface - in a box restricted view? bronze is tactile - bit harsh to put in installation where you can't touch it.

Biographical element - Melanie saying why is that an interesting topic? e.g. Tracey Emin - self indulgent but could argue that she is a character that people are interested in. Mine is just about me - boring. When wrote proposal didn't realise at the time but the MA is all about me, making me feel better hum........

Targets need to set, see audio file.

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