Thursday, 22 January 2009

Anthony Shaw Collection

Group visit to his private collection with Amanda Fielding. Very interesting collection - he has very strong views on who he likes/doesn't like and it inspired me to reconnect with exploring the power of a single object, maybe instead of thinking about all singing all dancing installations. That even something small can be very well considered, bearing the marks of being handmade and can say a lot.

I found his collection had two distinct themes - the earlier pieces he collected were very subtle, quiet, smooth, tea bowls etc, very skilled technically and I could see that now I am attracted to pieces like this, which I've already started collecting.

and then he shifted to larger work, much more dynamic, full of energy, abstract and to be honest - work that before the visit I would have dismissed as something I really didn't like but his passion for these pieces made me consider them again and the energy evident that is left in them and captured by the firing is much more engaging in the flesh...Ewen Henderson, Gillian Lowndes - inspiring use of mixed media

I also loved Ian Godfrey's early work, he said he spent a lot of time in the British Museum and you can see the influence of a wide range of cultures in his work. I liked the miniature scenes.

Not all these pieces are in the collection - just photos I've found online to jog my memory about the artists work.

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