Wednesday, 28 January 2009

First Breakfast Club meeting

We decided in our little group to start these on Wednesday mornings and to bring one piece of work (of course none of us could just bring one!) which is discussed by the others without me speaking about it - probably a very good idea, and also this week we brought a short paragraph explaining our research question.

I brought the two porcelain dresses which I made on Friday. Suzanne and Corrie started by discussing my words, here is what I wrote:

I am proposing to explore ways of representing dreams in sculpture. I am interested in capturing these ethereal experiences, exploring the fascinating places such as imaginary cities, groupings of objects, landscapes and narrative to consider and challenge our response to objective reality.

How can objects and events in everyday life be juxtaposed in dreams by completely different variables, regardless of logical or chronological significance instead reordered or jumbled by emotional responses or some other link? I plan to compare the differences between the conscious and unconscious in ceramic, wax and bronze.

Meticulous, meditative and intricate attention to detail is important to me.

Second paragraph is too wordy and confusing. 'Everyday life' is an ambiguous term and it needs to be paired down to the bare essentials to get to the essence of why this work is important to me. Specifying what materials is a good start but maybe my material choices should be dictated by the ideas behind the work and I should consider carefully what the material is saying.

I'm trying too hard to make it conceptual and I need to go back to the core ideas and explain it simply. The last sentence - WHY is this important?

The dresses - first off, why? what does the dress symbolise to me, what am I trying to represent, is it part of a narrative? Look at real ones. Based on my words its obvious that my work is about the relationship of objects to each other and they have to be part of a story or group.

The first dress (with the puff sleeves) looks cartoony, size of a Cindy, whirling dervish, the fold in the skirt is good - smooth surface, very solid - could be drawn on, projected onto or glazed - more narrative?

Ghost dress - in general liked this one a lot more, more human, smaller scale - this one isn't cute, sad and broken.

The two dresses could represent the two ends of an emotional scale - could make one dress that starts off perfect then collapses into an imperfect one/chaos.

How important is it to stay true to the dream? Audience would never know whats in my head so what is the point in just making dreams?

Explore WHY I want to compare con/uncon? I want to bring the unconscious into reality - this could be enough of a reason??

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