Friday, 9 January 2009

Saturday Exhibitions

Thought I should go and check out the new Kings Place complex malarkey and see Pangolin - was ok, very upmarket, not really my thing, but nice to see 50 different artists, something in silver - although still not comfortable that the foundry made them all and not the artists i guess?

Then to Bloomberg New Contemporaries in the freezing fog! Wanted more explanation about the works - very difficult to engage in as interpretive material - well there wasn't any! Flicking through the catalogue it looks so exciting but really thought most of it was rubbish. Favourites were the sound pieces on the way from the ground to first floor - someone calling out which was really eerie - just loud enough for you to look for them! and Chris Hanlon's work upstairs - other than that - it is just me that didn't *get* this?????

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