Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Tavs Jorgensen

He is a trained potter, also combining glass. Based at Falmouth, teaches at RCA on the Ceramics and Glass course and also a research fellow of the Autonomatic project at Falmouth.

'Craftsmanship in the digital age' Craft combined with a digital toolset. Began as an apprentice 1986 in Denmark, four years with one potter, learning all the technical skills and then came to England to Dartington pottery in Devon which was quite experimental - studio craft merged with production. Learned how to make plasterwork prototypes and went back to college in Cardiff to learn industrial craft skills. Then ten years freelance to Dartington and other potteries. University of Plymouth asked him to work on a research project involving digital tools in the late 90s and he was hooked! Using layering in rapid prototyping and unfolding. You can still be very creative within restrained parameters.

Interesting to me that he was modelling things is lots of materials but still finally making things in ceramics and always thinking about moulds and undercutting. He still thinks that digital creation is missing the intuitive way of creating forms by hand and his current project with Falmouth involves motion capture gloves and making shapes using cnc milling based on hand movements through space. Stainless steel will take temps up to 700C.
Also likes selling things and uses the research to make toned down designs/work for commercial clients - keeps you grounded and is a communication with the real world.

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