Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Antony Hudek - Lecture

Flat Time and the John Latham Archive

Antony Hudek is currently research fellow, Ligatus, Camberwell College of Arts, working on the John Latham Archive in Peckham. The experience of working with John Latham's personal papers will form the basis of his presentation, which will touch upon ideas that have resurfaced in a number of other initiatives he has been involved in over the past few years -- ideas about memory, collecting, the visualisation of historical narratives, and foreclosure.

Really enjoyed this lecture by Antony. Softly spoken American with a very interesting brain! Suzanne's notes will be so much better than mine on this as I ended up listening too much and not writing - particularly relevant I felt for her practice.

He explained more his own journey into being an art historian and his interest in artists who found it hard or didn't distinguish between their personal and professional development/lives and didn't quite make it big.

Spoke about his MA or was it Phd work on Francois Lyotard and his exhibition Les Immateriaux 1985, Pompidou centre. Cutting edge technology at the time. Exhibitions are so hard to document - transient. Archive Fever by Jacques Derrida - seminal book on archiving.

Interesting idea that an online archive is false, can be wiped out in a second. Warburg archive - 1927. Image collections curated into a personal narrative. New structures of remembering, organic growth of the archive. Extremely interesting man followed by quite a lot of discussion about his documentation of John Latham's work in Peckham and the difficulties in this as he was such a private, secretive artist who didn't like discourse.

Link to the Tate video I already watched - interview with John Latham before he died.

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