Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Inter-group Crit

with Book Arts tutor, Maiko, Printmaking student & Book Arts student.

Presented: Wax scene - this one without arches and computer other way round.

Their comments without me saying anything:

Can walk around it and discover it, seeing from different viewpoints. Is it a marquette? maybe it is as the wires inside the chair etc look like they are just for structural support. As its in wax is it to be cast in a foundry? but it looks too delicate for lost wax casting...
What about the meaning of the wax as a material - it melts, natural material - although the computer, table and chair are all manmade objects. Can read the scene like a story and imagine travelling through it. The trees are out of proportion - bigger than life. The tunnel from the computer - is it a flower? much more crudely made than the jungle part.
You can imagine someone sitting at the desk and writing a story about a forest which appears behind them. Dolls house scale which encourages a narrative. The shape of the base - is it unconsidered? why is it broken and joined?
Looking at it on the table at eye level is important so the viewer can identify with the viewpoint of sitting in the chair - would you move it round on the table like on a lazy susan or walk around it as a sculpture. Has the magic of alice in wonderland. The hole through the computer is more violent - like a bad dream. Can imagine it as a long piece - one scene into another round a whole room.

I was so encouraged by their comments as they understood many of the aspects I was attempting to bring across in the work that it obviously communicated itself without me explaining it. This was great as I had considered this model/whatever to be unsuccessful in representing anything to do with my proposal.

Then I was able to explain more about my practice and the process of dream to sculpture is central and key to the work. How can I think about the 'fuzzy areas' its so easy to draw this in 2d but how can I show this in 3d - steam/candyfloss! Could be the most interesting part about the unknown bits.

Maiko & Suzanne again mentioning that the dreams are just a starting point/fragments and I shouldn't get trapped in just trying to remake the dream how it was as this is impossible. Got to work forward from the dream starting point to make something new from it - self analysis...

Rachel Whiteread at Alan Cristea Gallery
Bill Woodrow
Jane Gifford

Discussion about bronze/wax. Books arts tutor not liking bronze idea as too far from the ethereal nature of dreams but I like the duality! Spoke about the Horizon programme last night on TV and how the latest thinking is that your brain has an experience in the day and then maybe as a filing technique relates it to a previous experience in your life that produced the same feeling/emotional response - very hard to quantify that feeling - so complex about how something relates to a past experience like having someone in your dream from primary school or something, you haven't thought about for years but obviously something that happened to you recently or in the previous day triggered the memory - I'm very interested in these 'feeling links' between things.

Also spoke about those landscapes in dreams which only exist in the dream and you know you have been there before (Subtle Knife city again) or the reconfiguration of Park Road. Maiko skeptical that you have visited before in dreams without repeatitions in your recordings as could just be deja vu.

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