Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Neil Cummings

Works at Chelsea - open source software, collaborations. Found that his feeling was its not enough to produce more art objects, which are then displayed in galleries and then bought for museum collections - there are enough objects in the world already - why do we need more? interesting point...
This process is slow and not under the control of the artist, 80% of museum collections are in storage.
So his practice became more about being a curator from these collections. Branching out into society for sponsorship opportunities - banks, auction houses - bringing the work into more direct contact with people's lifestyles.
His work doesn't have a style - it changes depending on the tools and media needed for each project. Research is a crucial part of his work.

Made a film for the British Art Show touring in 2006, organised by the Hayward. Worked with regional media archives. Orphan films (out of copyright) - combined to make a new film about life in britain - picked the moments when the people realised the camera (1930s). GPL (General Public License).

Mark Getty (Getty Images) said that interlectual property rights are "The oil of the 21st century" - speaking to Bill Gates - Corbus.

The wonderful thing about archives is that they have multiple authors, unlike a collection which is usually one person's individual taste, it is possible to curate from an archive - it is a territory.

Setup a critical practice group (wiki) at Chelsea - trying to free information, allow all to contribute - can lead to a lot of disorganisation. Got an open congress conference at Tate Britain.

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