Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Philosophy by Mel Thompson

Two widely accepted features of the mind/body question:

1. That the mind is not within space/time and not material - and thus that it should not be identified with its material base in the brain.

2. That the mind function through communication - is not simply limited to the operations of a single particular body, i.e. the mind is not subject to physical limitations, and is related to transpersonal communication.

The second rate composer/artist follows all the established rules and applies them diligently. He or she prodces art that follows fashion. The really creative person does not follow rules, producing work that may be loathed or controversial, but nevertheless may be said to be an intelligent production - the attempt to express something which goes beyond all previous experience or rules. This is a kind of 'knowing how': knowing how to perform creatively.

Again, had to return this book to the library so couldn't finish the notes. I feel like I need to do a philosophy course!!! Maybe just listen to those Radio 4 programmes...

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