Thursday, 19 March 2009

Mid Point Review

Evaluation of my project proposal as a part of a self directed programme of study:

Firstly, on starting this project I had to tackle the fact that naturally dreams fade away from our consciousness very quickly upon waking and I had to develop several methods to preserve, as accurately as possible, my recollections, which I feel I’ve managed to do fairly successfully. I could experiment further with different methods i.e. sculpting directly after waking up, making more objects through touch only.

During this first period of unit one I have concentrated on perhaps the easiest aspect, constructing the dreamed environment and objects. Experimenting with various materials including porcelain, wax, bronze and video to portray the ethereal and temporal qualities and play on the contrast between conscious reality and dreams. I now need to tackle how to portray the emotional content and the way I feel in the dreams which I have started to do with the addition of things into the scenes which would contain a body i.e. me, dresses, chairs and maybe signs that the person has just left the scene for a moment. Film could also be another way to express more emotions through sound and narrative.

Where I need to develop study plans in relation to the Unit 1 Learning Outcomes
(Handbook – pages 22-24):

On successful completion of this unit you will be able to:
• Develop your Project Proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed programme of study.
• Demonstrate a critical engagement with practice-based research reflecting on the critical skills and framework presentations.
• Articulate a clear understanding of methodology and context in your creative practice.
• Evaluate and present your Project
• Contribute actively to debate and discussion through Pathways and across the Course
• Be aware of your own personal and professional development.

As I have now changed to part time, I need to plan a timetable maybe each month to focus my practice within two days a week and maximise my time in the workshops. I have worked hard on my context and methodology but I feel there is further scope to identify my field of enquiry and research appropriate artists. I feel comfortable presenting my project and contributing to debate and discussion across the pathways. I do feel closer to fine art methodologies in my practice and I have been attending other MA lectures at Chelsea, which introduce complex themes in critical practice, including philosophy and engage me at a theoretical level. I hoped there would be more critical debate on the course and I feel my theories have not been challenged enough, we really need more discourse about our projects and exposure to as many new peers as possible to present our work and get feedback.

It would also be good to visit other artists (especially for me multi-disciplinary i.e. some design work, conceptual, maybe installation pieces) and see how they balance their work and what networks they are part of in London. I am looking forward to the MA Fine Art pathway starting next year and discussing my project with them and the newcomers to our pathway.

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