Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Process thoughts whilst rewriting proposal

Think about the medium – benefits / history / mechanics of that. Layers between you and the world. Through the camera is another way to look at reality.

Other methods for accessing subconscious part of brain, free association, colour / word associations etc, scientific systems.

the unpredictable nature of hand mixing and firing glazes.
Glaze – subconscious, Clay – conscious level

Reasons for choosing artists to look at:

successfully represented intangible moments, an emotive atmosphere, dream narrative, imaginary/fantastical landscape?

How can I show my feelings in sculpture?

Directly – text,
Implied through the end product? But this is not specific as everyone would have different emotions looking at the work – uncontrollable, except maybe in a small way e.g. if made a very calm scene. Nature etc or eerie then maybe many people would get that but that isn’t a specific ‘emotion’.
Implied through my emotions when making the work. E.g. could try to make something in an angry/violent way? This might work with clay but not with other materials?

Make a timetable, create boundaries to the project otherwise it will never reach a conclusion - have a limited amount of time.

Map - spectrum of art - where am I?

I cannot ask how is it possible that completely imaginary places are created as isn’t this a scientific question? ‘Second order reality’ of chemicals, nerve endings etc. Its not really important to me how at a molecular level, isn’t it more about my excitement of portraying these hidden, secret worlds to others? Don’t I believe that this level of visual reality created by the brain to be more truthful and not effected by logical reasoning and therefore uninhibited in its content?


So therefore do I need to Interview some people in the field of psycho analysis – about what? Questions? is this relevant?

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