Thursday, 12 March 2009

Study Trip to Farnham

On Thursday me, Kyu and Richard went with Maiko and Amanda Fielding to see the Crafts Study Centre in Farnham which is next to University for the Creative Arts (I always knew it as Surrey Institute of Art & Design).

Good exhibition upstairs by Halmia Cassell 'Dreams made Manifest' - obviously very motivated person by the breath of work on show and how she had explored many possibilities with the same decorative techniques which created a great body of work which sat well together but still had a lot of variety and interest. Also the interpretive material focussed heavily on her practical achievements i.e. in x and x collection but didn't explain the meaning of the work to me and only by turfing through the exhibition book could you get an idea of this. Great essay about her work in the book by Andrew Lambeth - who Amanda told me usually is a fine art critic - hence the much more philosophical description of the work which I liked!

Downstairs was Three by One:

Loved this folded typefaceLucie Rie Janice Tchalenko

After lunch we went to see some of the collection in storage and learnt about VADS. Amazing seeing so many Lucie Rie's in one place. As we all commented there is something very special about her work, the perfect proportions and balance - every one is such a miracle! Then we had a tour of UCA with the ceramics tutor Ashley Howard. Great day and chats which made me think again about residencies and intern possibilities of working two days and having one day for an internship....

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