Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Todays little catch up made me realise I need to refocus my projects and consider next steps:

Current things:

The bronze dresses - ok so the thin one worked which is good. I should continue filing it so its really thin and then experiment with the surface finish - reheating to make it dark again. Perfect dress at the top descending to the floaty darker one at the bottom....why? is the dress an embodiment about the dream - look at this story again.

Like the back best. Not working as well as the one below - although its thin its still bronze and very 'definite'.

Chipped out of the mould its like a relic thats been discovered - rediscovery of the memory? Many runners and rough areas to sort out...

I really like the surface of this one as due to the way it was cast the surface is fractured and indefinite - surely more dream like...

The porcelain kneeling dress and boxes - glaze experiments with the porcelain, depth in the glaze - glossy?

Wax Scene - develop the stream of consciousness and dream landscapes further, combine the dreams melding into each other. Is wax the right material? maybe should try in porcelain again - or papier mache to make it quicker?

Process - consider the half asleep drawings, 3d lines in space on rhino? - converting into an object?
  • what about the multi dimension thing - same object but looks completely different from different angles - M string theory.
  • Drawing in the dark from the sound recordings...
  • Find that film titles sequence through the neurons
  • make my own drawings of my visualisations of the 'fuzzy areas'
  • Try and draw my memories of conyngham road?
  • find a huge image bank and select ones that remind me of the room?
  • Diagrams of my understanding of the brain filing thing.
  • Blog the horizon prog the other week - bbc 2

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