Monday, 16 March 2009

What I'm making - What do they symbolise?

This is according to Suzanne's book 'Dreaming' (1985)

'Freud claimed unequivocally that "walking up and down steps, ladders or staircases are representations of the Sexual act". Who else was around at the time? Your personal feelings must obviously be taken into consideration. Apart from this suggestion, there could be a comment on your material and career progress. Ambition and achievement may also be under examination. If you found climbing the stairs a strain, you should perhaps take the hint that you are trying to achieve too much. Also see ENVIRONMENT and PURSUIT.

'Did the gown fit well, and did you feel good in it? The chances are that your dream was making a statement about how you fit into your present lifestyle, or the sort of image you are projecting. Are you experiencing a period of change - in image, but perhaps also in personality? There are overtones of wish-fulfilment, maybe - especially if you are a single woman in need of a relationship, and dreamed of buying a wedding dress. (No I wasn't!)'

I remember having one of these books as a kid and their explanations are so authoritative, like they really know!

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