Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dreams @ Viewfinder Gallery - Greenwich

Can't believe I missed this! GRRRRR. Shaun Caton and Nicolas Gonzales present the almost impossible: photographed dreams.

Shaun Caton's series 'Dreamed Polaroids' are Polaroid records of dreams from people with brain injuries at the Neurological Rehabilitation Unit in Homerton Hospital. Some have profound short term memory loss, others embellish and embroider their invented memories. An inventory is prepared of objects and locations required to recreate the dream fragments: cabbages, bicycles to be set on fire, shells, dolls, flowers. The photographed dream enactments are presented here with snippets from patients' dreams.

Nicolas Gonzalez' series 'The Blind Horse' is a personal diary that explores the influence of dreams in daily life. Without intending to literally illustrate or translate dreams into photographs, Gonzalez' work is guided by a spontaneous use of the camera, an expressive use of photography. His photographs were taken at night, often with exposures of up to eight hours. Fragments of Gonzalez' dream diary are exhibited alongside his photographs.

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