Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Symposiums - Book Arts & Designer Maker

Sun Yin

Her project was also about dreams. Spoke about Odilon Redon:

It wasn't until 1870s that Redon's true creative period began . He published a series of lithographs done in chiefly charcoal and pencil. He originally planned a series based on Blaise Pascal's "Pensees," but only executed two pencil drawings for the series, opting to concentrate on a sequence titled "In Dream" (1878). The lithographs were often surreal and nightmarish visions of giant eyes, spiders and mythological images, and his images were often compared to those of Goya. "Vision" (1881), a large eyeball floating like an ominous balloon, is a prime example of Redon's chiaroscuro drawing style.

As a Book Arts student she had split the project into different elements which would be different 'books'. Invisible, Fragment, Reflective... Containers of memory.

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