Saturday, 16 May 2009

Collect @ Saatchi Gallery

I wanted to go back to Collect as I think it was 2004 or 05 when I went to the V&A and it had a huge impression on me at the time and I remember thinking, this is where I want to be, forward thinking and very experimental objects - exciting!

Well, unfortunately I didn't get the same impression this time. There was some interesting jewellery but I found still so much of it same old, same old, not much at all that I thought was different or even interesting - just pretty. I still think Adrian Sassoon had a good stand, Junko's work has certainly gone up in price and the best stand in my opinion was Galerie S O, with Simone's, David Clarke's and others work - definitely the most interesting collection.

Maybe I've got to identify why this stuff makes me agitated and possibly even angry. Maybe its because it would be easier for me to do this kind of work but I can't anymore and I am searching for further meaning/messages/fine art psychobabble? I appreciate the skill and time involved but only really Galerie S O's selection touched something for me, I can see the cogs turning there and something meaningful and interesting happening...

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