Friday, 5 June 2009

First Thursdays

Went to take a peek last night at the latest offerings from Vyner Street - mixed, very mixed. My favourite gallery I think was Nettie Horn - nice finishing.

The Hidden Land

1 MAY - 14 JUNE 2009

Antique philosophy is at the origin of numerous reflections on the nature of our world as well as the existence of universes parallel to our reality. These thoughts were “materialised” in the concept of infinity - described by the indefinite and complex nature of the physical world - as well as in the suggestion that a constant and eternal movement pre-exists in all things.
The Hidden Land (1) is an invitation to reflect on these theories of multiple worlds and the unidentified zones situated between fiction and reality. Transcending universal understanding, these remarkable theories symbolise acts of intellectual humility as the world is indubitably more vast and complex, more unpredictable and colourful, than what our comprehension, here and now, would want to let us know. (2)

The works presented in the exhibition address issues surrounding the spatiotemporal process, questioning our perception of things through varied mediums and materials as well as the idea that each piece is the comprehensive result of an experimental approach. Each work emphasizes the idea that movement is an intrinsic and permanent flux existing in all things, as well as being the sign and measure of space and time.

Why WHY WHY is everything I come across - whats that saying - collective consciousness 'zeitgeist'.

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