Tuesday, 2 June 2009


How, what, when, where, who, why?

Sound recording(s) of the day - spliced with the spoken dream? This could aid making the DIAGRAM. Diagram of sound?

Maybe the inventories of objects could have codes/emblems on so that I know what they are related to - which period/section in my life.

Maybe I need a manifesto for myself. Pulling together everything for this presentation to the BAs makes me think I need to remember and perhaps discover still exactly why?

Here is one my Michael Betancourt: Maybe i'll try and fill it in....


Today, itself is obsolete. In documenting art
on the basis of : we are human and true
for the sake of , , and
. At the crossroads of the lights, alert,
attentively awaiting .

If you find it futile and don't want to waste your time on a
that means nothing, consider that here we
cast on fertile ground. Here we have a right
to do some prospecting, for we have .
We are ghosts drunk on energy, we dig into .

We are a as tropically abundant as
, which is the art of making
established as on a
canvas before our eyes,yet today the striving for
in a work of art seems
to art. Art is a concept, exalted as
, inexplicable as life, indefinable and
. The work of art comes into being through
the of the elements.

The medium is as as the artist. Essential only
is the forming, and because the medium is ,
any whatsoever will .

is the name for such art.
stands for freedom.
changes meaning with the change in the insight of those who view
it. Every artist must be allowed to mold a picture out of
. The of natural
elements is to a work of art. Instead, it is the
artist who to produce ,
in order to make a better art.

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