Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Walking in my mind - Hayward

Went to the PV of the summer show at Hayward Gallery. From the catalogue:

'The complex physicality of the brain is both pictured and given material presence, and the immateriality of thought finds physical form; dreams and hallucinations become immersive environments; new worlds are fabricated from the imagination; memory and childhood are evoked; the artist's self - their conciousness - is portrayed; and the studio is evinced as the focus and location off creativity.'

Keith Tyson:

I felt Charles Avery's work was stronger when I saw it at Parasol Unit but it was good to see some new pieces.

Thomas Hirschhorn:

The caves made of parcel tape were amazing, very strong environment inside them, totally artificial with the strip lighting, the four main chambers relating to the four major lobes of the brain.

Mark Manders:

Fox / Mouse / Belt (1992)
This was my favourite piece in the exhibition, just lying in the middle of the floor.
'[...]Manders realised that he wanted to work with something more abstract than words, and concluded that it would be better to use objects. 'Viewers - or readers - of the objects construct their own new thoughts,' he points out,' and the result is a self-portrait that is suspended between the maker and the viewers'.

Yayoi Kusama

Chiharu Shiota

This isn't the piece in the exhibition, but shows some of the thread work. I already posted about Chiharu's work from the Contemporary Japanese lecture I went to at Chelsea last year so it was great to see some of the work in the flesh and appreciate the amazing webbed/threaded environments created.

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