Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wellcome Trust - archive visit

Unfortunately we're not allowed to post any photos we took from this visit. Went to the huge archive of the Wellcome Collection, Science Museum and (I think) the V&A is stored in the same building. It was the first commercial office building in the UK for National Savings and Investments, beautiful high ceilings and great feel inside the space. We went down to the basement to a whole catacomb of rooms (looked a bit like a mental institution!) to see all the medical equipment and instruments collected.

Everyone got very excited about individual objects, but I didn't feel quite the same excitement and it made me realise more that installations of objects inside a space are more important to me I think. I found it hard to engage with individual things, also the following day I helped Susana prepare her space in the basement for the MA show and I found the experience of thinking about her installation and how to create an ENVIRONMENT for the work so inspiring. Not to say I didn't appreciate visiting the archive, certainly a privileged experience and if I was looking for a certain type of medical object they might have - a great resource to know about.

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