Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Acoustic Images @ BFI

Group of 10 postgraduate students from RCA - encapsulate experimental and commercial application of the most innovative sonic and visual arts. Provocative audiovisual surprises. Well, all the blurb sounded very exciting....ummm - was this just a dark cinema with people listening politely to 2.5 hours of mostly...very annoying sounds, combined with video of water, sea, lakes - oh yes and more water. yes. but, at least one or two were interesting and I thought of the following:

Based on the film by Karen Mirza & Brad Butler - The Space Between. There was a section of 16mm films superimposed on top of each other and one section was of a mountain. I liked the thought of the partly visible slice of mountain in between, unsureness.

Then I need to make an object - maybe 4 of them and then try and slice them up and make again into one object that looks the same from different angles - although this sounds a bit Futurist.

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