Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Telling Tales @ V&A

well, unfortunately I have been waiting for this exhibition for months and it wasn't worth waiting for! The selection of work was really dull and considering that on this topic there are so many amazing makers in London alone, they managed to pick such a short sighted collection - often having the same designers present more than one work which could have made room for some much more interesting work. I think these were the only two pieces I found interesting:


Wieki Somers

'Lathe Chair VIII'

Sebastian Brajkovic

The 'Lathe Chair' series was conceived by rotating 19th-century chair shapes around a central axis to stretch them. The finished chairs were cast in bronze, like sculpture, but remain functional as furniture. The upholstery was digitally designed. The result is a marriage of tradition and modernity.

In the interpretation material there were a few quotes:
'Design should indeed play the role of art in people's homes, offices and public spaces, be a material for thinking, self-searching, reflecting and not just for passive enjoyment. That opens the door for non-functional objects in design. Or should we say that the function itself should be re-defined?' Constantin Boym

[What are your objects trying to tell me?]
'They try to show you a different truth. They will always refer to things you already know from your past, like a material use, or a pattern, or a decoration, or a function or use. But they will give you something new as well. They cause a pleasant confusion and change your perspective on things. They challenge you to look in a different way at the world around you.' Niels Van Eijk and Miriam Van Der Lubbe


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