Thursday, 15 October 2009

Tutorial with Rosa #2

Again, brief discussion of remaking the wax scene in porcelain, and why it was important to remake. Explained I wanted to expand upon the wax one as it now wasn't going any further, whereas the porcelain one would be permanent. Started off last weekend making some individual objects, as tackling the trees and base showed how impossible it was to make out of such a fragile material.

Rosa suggested adding some paper to the clay to improve its handbuilding qualities and make it more robust for the tree trunks and other structures, as the fibres (although burnt out in firing) would support these forms better. So I will make some at the weekend.

Also discussed the fact that the objects / scene will shrink by up to 20% in firing which is quite a nice concept for the thing to get even smaller / remote / further from reality. Maybe I can play around with this and fire some multiple times to get different, slightly odd and unnerving scales. Explained I was making the next part of the scene, the camping tents, slightly too small for someone who was sitting in the office chair to enter. Definite Alice in Wonderland, drink me, eat me thing going on here. Really feel that she has some good wisdom to impart and hopefully has solved my fragility problem.

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