Thursday, 12 November 2009

Porcelain objects - progress (slow)

Palm tree paper porcelain hell...these need proper care and attention, more sponge

stairs, some tents, the office, bit of jungle

paper in the porcelain definitely making a difference, this one was breaking off but the fibres enabled me to fix it but still weak, might collapse in firing of course as the paper burns out, we'll see. Noticeable difference between the pure porcelain and paper clay type. Former is SO unforgiving but yet so smooth and gorgeous!, expecting the paper clay to be so much lighter after firing, i hope they don't look too different as the whole scene is a mixture of both.

The paper porcelain was so god damn long winded to make, trying not to use it only for essential structural elements which i think need the support, otherwise just using the original porcelain.

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