Saturday, 14 November 2009

Project Proposal - revision

Today's desk:

bloody geeky to take a photo of this I know but its important. Now I have a laptop I can GO places, revolutionary, and I seem to be able to think so much better out of the house where I can't be distracted by a million other things or stare into space for hours. whoop.

So...the proposal....yes, er, well here are some random words cobbled together, its in progress people:

Working Title:

The representation of my dreams in sculpture.

Aims & Objectives:

The most significant question / problem trying to tackle:-

Capturing the dreams to enlighten/gain an insight into the way life events are linked to previous experiences and dreams help to untangle/solve problems by linking things in an emotional based filing system, not chronologically or the same way our conscious brain would make associations, quest for truth etc etc. quote – from gul book or maybe who we are? Or something about deeper truth – might be synesthestic bk.

Why do you want to make the sculptures?

Excited to bring into the ‘real’ world, fragments of our subconscious thought.

Why exciting?

Displaced from another reality, one that is naturally forgotten to allow room for our everyday lives to continue?

The displacement and revealing/displaying of the dream content invites interpretation and encompassment of the audience in a normally private world, transportation to imaginary places.

AIM: to capture the dreams to enlighten/gain an insight into how life and memories are linked in an emotional/un-logical way.


  1. Encompassment and transportation to imaginary places.
  2. Portray my own emotion-based associations of scenarios by linking dream-scapes together not necessarily in a chronological order in the order that they were dreamt but more to do with the different feelings associated with each dream.
  3. Encourage interpretation of my dreams by an audience, invitation to a normally private world.


  1. Specifically in sculpting the dreams, the sheer physicality of the objects I plan to use the following materials for their specific ethereal qualities: porcelain (fragile, translucent), wax (temporary, melting nature of the material), bronze (paradoxically crystallising the dream in something so permanent and solid) and possibly film (scope for more emotive qualities, sound, narrative, indefinite visual imagery). Talk about miniature, quote into world but separated from it.
  2. Possible through listening to the qualities of my voice recordings? Sadness, lost etc
  3. By displacing this content from another reality, one that is naturally forgotten and revealing/displaying the dream content, this encourages interpretation.

landscape/environments, narrative and emotional content captured.

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