Thursday, 18 February 2010

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dress turning

Thought this might work, but I think a dress made of fabric swirling and projected onto the object might look better...

Thinking about the video projections

So, following transcribing all the dreams yesterday, I really needed to knuckle down and think about the content of the videos themselves. I have been thinking that the objects are sort of relics or hard evidence of things from the dream, then the projections onto the objects would be the narrative content, but told through a mixture of film clips, as even to myself I seem to describe and reference scenes to films.

So far, the videos have been tests, either from a still image of an ajoining scene - the news studio - projected at the bottom of the staircase - but then this got confused and I made the image into a narrative by making it a clip with visual effects and adding a soundtrack, footsteps on the stairs to tell a story.

Here is the studio clip (without sound - that one was too big) and then it was projected onto the staircase:

Other 'tests' have been smoke, ink or simple moving visuals. (see projection tests post).

Thinking about the video projections 2

The idea with the glossy black objects was for the video projections onto them to be the narrative of the dream, i.e. with the cat/carriage dream - this had similarities that I was having memories of / or from several films. A carriage scene in Black Beauty and the Amalfi coast in The Talented Mr Ripley.

So, I've been finding these clips today, importing them into Final Cut. Editing them, by trimming out scenes and audio I don't want, overlaying additional sound (heavier rain). Exporting to imovie to add further effects to distort the clip, make it look less definite, more dream like. Exporting to itunes, onto the iphone and streaming it to the portable projector.

Here is the clip I've hashed together this morning:

now god knows I've done this really badly! and just learnt how myself, but thats not really the point. The problem is a) I am just messing around and this is not my work (in its original format) and b) I think the tests from the still image were better.

The shapes of the objects already distort the video - I'm just making it indecipherable and you end up just concentrating on trying to watch the video. This isn't working.

Maybe the visuals need to just go back to something more abstract - but then how is this telling a story - is this necessary?

Try overlaying my sound recording of the dream - thats the story covered. I know I shy away from this as its my voice - ukk, but really, this is the raw material and you can hear the emotions more in my voice and hear the muffledness of some parts.

Maybe the projection needs to be more dynamic - moving, directed? over the piece.

Try a swivelling office chair over the office chair - or the horse legs galloping over the legs.

This has led to a bit of a breakthrough, as when I'm describing my project - the exciting bit to me is the video projections onto the objects. The objects are just static, definite, formed and this is what I'm trying to disrupt.

Prodigy > Sound

Prodigy – Intro (Remastered)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Sound > Words

Transcribed the dream sound recordings by hand. Stage two. Next, sketches...


Horse Ships

Have now bisque fired. Ordered black glossy glazes have arrived but the firing range is lower than I thought - grrrr (1200-1250). I have put in 2 test bowls and one sample ship with the bought black glaze on. I had quite a 'debate' with Dennis to get these fired, which left me feeling shaken. I understand the rules but aren't I allowed to at least try things out? So eventually he relented and let me fire this one, surrounded by bricks, as it is a possibility for the legs to collapse as it fires up to temperature. More and more I want to buy another kiln and fire at home, then I don't have to have unnecessary battles about these things... couldn't fire the mast and sail at all, have to get kiln stilts from home, as these cannot be provided by the ceramics department, double grrrrr.

Glaze Tests

When I did these, I was still thinking of white at the time and just did a few old stoneware ones for fun. 8 new recipes in total, some turned out lovely. For future reference I have this recipe box with a card for each glaze, recipe on one side and source of it on the back - sometimes with photo from the book. Then when I've done a test I print a photo of the result on the back so I remember how it came out - super anality!.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Interim Show planning

Procession of objects on the floor, plus hopefully maybe the large cupboard one, dream inside a dream inside a dream, down the rabbit hole.

and maybe a video of a projection onto the objects...maybe.

Glaze tests will be out Monday, but I'm thinking of glossy black. Quite hard at stoneware without reduction firings available, only options to overload the recipe with oxides really, but finish becomes quite metallic. Hence ordered some ready mixed blacks from Potterycrafts - oh you cheater!

Other things from previous scribbles: think about making my own compartment that can be installed anywhere for the show as the space is not fixed yet, likely to be NO installation time after BAs.

Dreams hiding in dark corners, empty dresses, industrious workers.

Try and draw the most poignant transcribed dream. Continue much larger differentiations of scale to emphasise importance of elements.

Wax, what happened to that? combination? colour of objects?

Stuff assembling for the Interim Show

Re-organised the desk and put all the bits on a shelf, most of these are material experiments so not usable in the show.

The cat / carriage, and crate / stairs. Both good for the show I hope, if they glaze ok. Thinking of glossy black, then video projection onto the objects looks good, plus they will be on the floor, tucked into the black space of the skirting board...

The Fleet

This one is much smaller than the large one, I wanted to have a little herd of them following the big one, and the legs on the large one turned out to be quite static, mainly due to the weight of the hull.

So I wanted the smaller ones to be more playful, with more impulsion. But this one doesn't stand up...its a learning curve. and the sail is rubbish, but this is just an experiment anyway, because I expect it to bend under the weight of the sail so I can always snap it off easily after the bisque firing and make the mast/sails separately, like the mother ship.
This one is the best so far, because the legs are really galloping and the sail billowing out behind, again, oh actually the mast came off before I put it in the kiln so its firing separately already.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Back to the Future - Projection & Music

Went to this on Wednesday. Curious to see how the projection / music combo would work. I took a video on my phone but its not worth posting. Incidentally some of the films were by George Melies, who I referenced in my research paper as the pioneer of dream-like worlds in film from the early 19th century.

I didn't really rate the musical improvisation, as I couldn't see any correlation to the films at all, but occasionally there was a more atmospheric moment. I guess I was encouraged by the number of people who wanted to see this kind of thing, made me think there would be an audience for my work - some sort of projection onto objects / sound installation thing.

Glad I went.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Time and the Moon @ Dana Centre

Went to this on Monday night with B. Quite apt since I bought this little piece of joy on Sunday:

THE most beautiful 60s Japanese made flip clock, pristine for £7 at the amazing Battersea boot sale.

As we were expecting it was for a bit more of a 'general' audience that the Wellcome ones, so therefore most of it was a bit boring / obvious. But this chappy, David Rooney made it all worth it. What a great speaker and enthusiast on everything about time. Learnt some interesting stuff about how ships used to navigate by the moon.

Oh and I snapped a pic of this model ship, for the little horse ships :)

Friday, 29 January 2010

The Mothership

Following a bit of a crazy dream about these ships, propelled by horse legs, I have been building this one, probably one of the largest things I've made in a while, but although I kept it damp for a week, then I was ill, hence no more detail than the balconies at the back, no canon holes :(. Masts have been made separately, otherwise they would warp too much attached to the deck. They are already bisqued flat for adding after the glost firing.

and it stands up! *high five

Monday, 18 January 2010

Wax over porcelain

This is a porcelain dress with wax dripped over, made an interesting contrast to the bronze dress.

Porcelain dipped repeatedly in wax. Nice soft finish but obviously not durable. I can probably get this effect with a thick smooth matt glaze.

Projection tests

Thursday, 14 January 2010

If You Could Collaborate

Went to the PV. Packed with all the right people. My favourite piece was this system of currency by BCMH & SmithWightman - mainly for the exquisite presentation of the work, lovely text on the glass, added amazing value to the objects. If your going to be a designer, people expect, and rightly so, for you to design the whole shebang.

Also there was an interesting sculpture, that played sounds only when you were further away, the closer you tried to get to it, it doesn't play. Intriguing, and inspiring to see so many people were interested in seeing, perhaps wacky and off the wall collaborations.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Tamiko tutorial

Presented: video projection onto globe, photos of work made so far, photos of work from before Masters.

We spoke about my proposal and how it was very heavy and serious and pulling down any of the practical work that I was making as it was impossible for the real work to live up to the ideas expressed in my proposal.

Tamiko's advice was to put the proposal to one side for the moment and concentrate on expanding some of the ideas I have started with my practical work. Take the most promising experiments and really push them in all directions to explore and develop making ideas.

Coming from a design background I have launched myself straight into a philosophical and scientific debate and although my ideas are interesting, it has the hallmarks of someone who has recently begun thinking as a fine artist. I need to acknowledge and appreciate my background and the fact that the work is still reflecting this more playful side and somehow merge this work with the key points in my theoretical debate to create a cohesive whole.

Maybe, after I have made some more pieces (that are photographed properly - valued by me - and in a way that the magical elements and qualities that can start to be seen in the flesh, are represented in the presentation of the work) I need to change the objectives of my proposal - perhaps to have the core idea to 'enrich my work through a study / exploration of fantasy and dreams'. Also writing about desirability of the objects and materials. Explained that confidence in my work had disappeared, I need to not be negative and see that I have made quite a lot of work and it is not all 'not working'.

Recommended book: On Longing by Susan Stewart.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

End of Unit 1 Assessment

what can I say? this was a bit of a shock. I felt that for many reasons things have not been handled that well about this, from both sides of the fence and I could list here loads of excuses as to why my practical work was not at the level I would have liked but its pointless now. I can only move forward and try to improve it.

I suppose it is easy for me to forget that people can't see into my head and understand what and why I have been researching what I have, and so here is what I wrote down:

Should have presented the sound recording work (which I did not) the voice recording library of the dreams and other sound experiments: the day recording, everyday activities. I also didn't show them the video tests I've done of miniature installations.

So I guess the main criticism was my lack of experimentation with installation environments - although Mike liked the glass globes and could see progression starting from this point.

Perhaps the drawings /text could be combined into the installation? I spoke about experiments with glaze, making it thick like snow to cover the objects and was also asked whether the objects would be coloured.

Most of the recent things I have made are too controlled again, they need to be more unreal, this is something I need to overcome.

I should have 100 versions of things, experiment, production etc etc etc.

I guess I knew from the start that this subject / my proposal is not easy at all and I think many people might not understand it. Also I think that this is has turned into a very personal project which is dear to my heart and I don't think that designers 'get' it, its bordering on a philosophical contribution and its hard for me to pull it back into 'objects'. I hope that tutorials in the new year will be more productive.

Immediate things to do:

  • Properly document all sound recordings
    - transcribe
    - drawings
  • Find a corner in the flat, install objects, lighting, sound - video and evaluate
  • Take one dream and with the drawing, map, narrative text and objects play around with making this into something.
  • Make 5 ambient sounds - and / or my voice sound tracks.
  • Unreal objects:
    - shrinking
    - clay patchy making technique
    - dipping porcelain in wax
    - smoke?
    - video - ink in water