Tuesday, 5 January 2010

End of Unit 1 Assessment

what can I say? this was a bit of a shock. I felt that for many reasons things have not been handled that well about this, from both sides of the fence and I could list here loads of excuses as to why my practical work was not at the level I would have liked but its pointless now. I can only move forward and try to improve it.

I suppose it is easy for me to forget that people can't see into my head and understand what and why I have been researching what I have, and so here is what I wrote down:

Should have presented the sound recording work (which I did not) the voice recording library of the dreams and other sound experiments: the day recording, everyday activities. I also didn't show them the video tests I've done of miniature installations.

So I guess the main criticism was my lack of experimentation with installation environments - although Mike liked the glass globes and could see progression starting from this point.

Perhaps the drawings /text could be combined into the installation? I spoke about experiments with glaze, making it thick like snow to cover the objects and was also asked whether the objects would be coloured.

Most of the recent things I have made are too controlled again, they need to be more unreal, this is something I need to overcome.

I should have 100 versions of things, experiment, production etc etc etc.

I guess I knew from the start that this subject / my proposal is not easy at all and I think many people might not understand it. Also I think that this is has turned into a very personal project which is dear to my heart and I don't think that designers 'get' it, its bordering on a philosophical contribution and its hard for me to pull it back into 'objects'. I hope that tutorials in the new year will be more productive.

Immediate things to do:

  • Properly document all sound recordings
    - transcribe
    - drawings
  • Find a corner in the flat, install objects, lighting, sound - video and evaluate
  • Take one dream and with the drawing, map, narrative text and objects play around with making this into something.
  • Make 5 ambient sounds - and / or my voice sound tracks.
  • Unreal objects:
    - shrinking
    - clay patchy making technique
    - dipping porcelain in wax
    - smoke?
    - video - ink in water

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