Monday, 8 February 2010

Horse Ships

Have now bisque fired. Ordered black glossy glazes have arrived but the firing range is lower than I thought - grrrr (1200-1250). I have put in 2 test bowls and one sample ship with the bought black glaze on. I had quite a 'debate' with Dennis to get these fired, which left me feeling shaken. I understand the rules but aren't I allowed to at least try things out? So eventually he relented and let me fire this one, surrounded by bricks, as it is a possibility for the legs to collapse as it fires up to temperature. More and more I want to buy another kiln and fire at home, then I don't have to have unnecessary battles about these things... couldn't fire the mast and sail at all, have to get kiln stilts from home, as these cannot be provided by the ceramics department, double grrrrr.

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