Friday, 5 February 2010

Interim Show planning

Procession of objects on the floor, plus hopefully maybe the large cupboard one, dream inside a dream inside a dream, down the rabbit hole.

and maybe a video of a projection onto the objects...maybe.

Glaze tests will be out Monday, but I'm thinking of glossy black. Quite hard at stoneware without reduction firings available, only options to overload the recipe with oxides really, but finish becomes quite metallic. Hence ordered some ready mixed blacks from Potterycrafts - oh you cheater!

Other things from previous scribbles: think about making my own compartment that can be installed anywhere for the show as the space is not fixed yet, likely to be NO installation time after BAs.

Dreams hiding in dark corners, empty dresses, industrious workers.

Try and draw the most poignant transcribed dream. Continue much larger differentiations of scale to emphasise importance of elements.

Wax, what happened to that? combination? colour of objects?

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