Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thinking about the video projections 2

The idea with the glossy black objects was for the video projections onto them to be the narrative of the dream, i.e. with the cat/carriage dream - this had similarities that I was having memories of / or from several films. A carriage scene in Black Beauty and the Amalfi coast in The Talented Mr Ripley.

So, I've been finding these clips today, importing them into Final Cut. Editing them, by trimming out scenes and audio I don't want, overlaying additional sound (heavier rain). Exporting to imovie to add further effects to distort the clip, make it look less definite, more dream like. Exporting to itunes, onto the iphone and streaming it to the portable projector.

Here is the clip I've hashed together this morning:

now god knows I've done this really badly! and just learnt how myself, but thats not really the point. The problem is a) I am just messing around and this is not my work (in its original format) and b) I think the tests from the still image were better.

The shapes of the objects already distort the video - I'm just making it indecipherable and you end up just concentrating on trying to watch the video. This isn't working.

Maybe the visuals need to just go back to something more abstract - but then how is this telling a story - is this necessary?

Try overlaying my sound recording of the dream - thats the story covered. I know I shy away from this as its my voice - ukk, but really, this is the raw material and you can hear the emotions more in my voice and hear the muffledness of some parts.

Maybe the projection needs to be more dynamic - moving, directed? over the piece.

Try a swivelling office chair over the office chair - or the horse legs galloping over the legs.

This has led to a bit of a breakthrough, as when I'm describing my project - the exciting bit to me is the video projections onto the objects. The objects are just static, definite, formed and this is what I'm trying to disrupt.

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