Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thinking about the video projections

So, following transcribing all the dreams yesterday, I really needed to knuckle down and think about the content of the videos themselves. I have been thinking that the objects are sort of relics or hard evidence of things from the dream, then the projections onto the objects would be the narrative content, but told through a mixture of film clips, as even to myself I seem to describe and reference scenes to films.

So far, the videos have been tests, either from a still image of an ajoining scene - the news studio - projected at the bottom of the staircase - but then this got confused and I made the image into a narrative by making it a clip with visual effects and adding a soundtrack, footsteps on the stairs to tell a story.

Here is the studio clip (without sound - that one was too big) and then it was projected onto the staircase:

Other 'tests' have been smoke, ink or simple moving visuals. (see projection tests post).

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